Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Chamber Testimonials....

Over the years our local Chamber has proved valuable keeping its members abreast of relevant issues, balancing different opinions and finding the best solutions for local businesses and the wider community.

Nicholas Frost (Chamber member of many years)


I have been a member of Monmouth Chamber since April 2009 and it has been a great decision for my company. Not only have I joined an organisation that has nearly 100 members, (which is an incredibly high number for a town the size of Monmouth), but I get regular access to the member companies. This is through bi-monthly meetings, at different businesses/venues around the town, encouragement to communicate events and offers to the membership directly via e-mail and regular opportunities to network and present to the membership. That coupled with the incredible energy and encouragement of the Chamber Committee makes the annual subscription of £40 first year pale into insignificance. I am really pleased I joined.

Mick Merrick, Precept Optimum Performance


I have been a member of MDCTC for some 15 years, and have always found it useful, interesting and a worthwhile cause – particularly of late, when I believe the efforts of its officers have been notably energetic, on-target and often effective. Even though I no longer run my own business (having gone back into employment) and therefore no longer have a need to drum up business locally, I still find my membership fee good value. Meetings are always lively and to-the-point. Indeed, anyone who wants to know what’s really happening in Monmouth and district could benefit from membership.

Peter Chambers, Buckholt


Testimonial on how useful Chamber meetings are to your business

  • 'I joined MDCTC prior to commencing our 9 month public consultation period for the proposed hotel and spa development, in order to tap into the local knowledge, support, and networking opportunities that membership of the Chamber provides.

  • I’ve subsequently attended all the regular meetings, which have been extremely helpful, in understanding the past, current and future commercial and community make-up and also the local challenges within the town.  As a premium independent leisure hotel and spa, it is important to us that the development benefits the town, local businesses and the local community; so the meetings provide ongoing networking opportunities with other local businesses.  Particularly as a key strategy for the hotel and spa is to explore mutually beneficial opportunities to  work in partnership with a range of tourism, active leisure, food producers and service suppliers.

  • The structure meetings chaired by David Cummings, provide updates on issues affecting the town and local businesses, and are also extremely pro-active in terms of driving solutions to issues raised by David and by the Members, and also in identifying opportunities that would significantly benefit the town and local businesses – free and more parking, and the potential loss of the public toilets as a more recent example'.

Testimonial on how useful the Chamber has been to your business

  • 'David’s extensive knowledge with regard to the town, the local businesses, and the local stakeholders -  including the town council, county council councillors and importantly council officers, who he works closely with, have been extremely beneficial. His past and current insights into the commercial  make up and the issues that affect the town and local businesses; and also and most importantly, his ideas, knowledge and understanding of potential opportunities, which he will then tirelessly lobby to progress and support.

  • As a ‘new to the area’ Member, the Chamber offers an ongoing knowledge and communication channel, providing information, help and advice to individual businesses, as it also does with the existing Members – Graham Symonds Canoe Centre – camping planning application, as an  example.’

Jan Kitcher . Hotel and Spa on the Wye