Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Chamber manifesto May 2017


  • To continue to lobby MCC Estates to sell the non-hotel part of the Portal Road site to a developer for a use, which will be the benefit of the businesses of the town.

  • To lobby MCC to find a solution to the lack of coach parking in the town.

  • To continue to engage with the WG and other towns on the issue of business rates, meet with ministers and make representations on the new SBRR consultation in August/ September 2017.

  • To lobby MCC to resurface key roads such as Dixton Road, Monnow Street and the Portal Road.


  • To review objectively the new Dixton Roundabout retail development plans and, if possible, develop a joint approach with the Gateway Wales opposition group.

  • To engage with landlords and estate agents handling empty shops and ascertain the reasons behind the premises not being used and act to progress matters and/or put up window displays.

  • To meet with other Chambers and MCC quarterly

  • To meet with MCC Estates and planning office quarterly.

  • To engage with developers on projects that will be beneficial for the town


  • To engage with MCC officers to progress with the installation of new bike parking in the town.

  • To engage with new councillors and ensure that they are clear on the objectives of the Chamber


  • To set a goal of 100 paid up members by 1st September 2017.

  • It is important for Chamber members to become more proactive in shaping the future of Monmouth Chamber and not just see it as a Club to fees are paid and all the work is left  to a small committee in order to increase vocal support and proven representation.  The burden of resolving important business concerns should be shared by a greater number of people. It was generally felt that further discussion on this matter should be ongoing.

  • To ensure that all existing members are paid up by the date of the AGM.


  • Working with Jason Cooper create a new official website for the town.

  • To continue to put out positive messages about the town and its businesses on social media.

  • To provide the lead in destination marketing for the town

  • Ensure the Chamber has a high profile on social media

Chamber Offers

  • Look into creating our own online ‘shop watch’ with the possibility of CCTV offers to compliment it.

  • Offer the use of the Chamber logo strictly to show you’re a member only (and for no other use) for paid up members only


  • Re-introduce business of the week.

  • Re-introduce Chamber offers.

  • A member’s only area.

  • Introduce online payments for new members and renewals.