Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce

The very latest news update on the proposed Dixton Roundabout Retail Development.

26th June 2018

David Cummings, Chairman of Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce commented as follows:

Monmouth residents will be aware that the Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Gateway to Wales action group, has actively and vigorously opposed this development over the last 5 years. Development of this site for retail will create traffic, flooding and of courses competition issues with the businesses of our town. The promise by the developer to create 50+ new jobs is found to be hollow as we currently have 60 + job vacancies in retail and hospitality, which can’t be filled.

Some residents may be aware that apart from one letter of objection there have been no letters uploaded to the application in 2018 by MCC planning office and none for the developer or their consultants. One of the major obstacles for any developer to overcome relate to objections on flooding matters raised by Natural Resources Wales. Readers will remember that as a result of NRW’s objections on the spa hotel project, the application was subsequently called in by the Welsh Government and rejected by the Minister even though the car park and hotel were situated above the 1 in 100 flooding event, plus climate change.

On 17th June, I wrote to MCC planning office asking if there was any correspondence not yet uploaded to the application, but have not received a response. This week, I have managed to obtain a copy of a letter from Natural Resources Wales to Monmouthshire County Council planning department dated 4th June outlining their comments on the latest proposals by the developer’s consultant Fairhurst on flood risk, I believe it is in the public interest to make NRW’s comments in their 5 page letter of objection available to all.

NRW object to the consultant’s proposals on the following grounds:

The Flood Consequence Assessment fails to demonstrate that the risks of flooding can be adequately managed. It uses flood data, which is out of date and using the latest data NRW say that the potential consequences of flooding to and from the site will be greater.

The site, under the consultant’s proposals, is not designed to be flood free in a 1% plus climate change event and the pub restaurant would flood by 0.59metres and retail unit 2 to a depth of 0.99metres. During a 1 in 100 flooding event, the pub including accommodation would flood to 1.88 metres and retail unit number 2 to 2.28 metres and the car park by more than the height of a car. This is not acceptable under Technical Advice Note 15.

In order to overcome NRW’s objections, it might be possible to raise the site by an average of 2.5 metres. However, this would involve bringing on to the site 20,000 cubic metres of material and probably result in adversely affecting nearby homes with increased flood risk

NRW note that the consultants fail to demonstrate the impact of flooding outside the site or on the evacuation route. Calculations by NRW show values exceed that required under TAN15 and it is not acceptable for the evacuation route to be unusable in an extreme flooding event.

All in all, the consultants are using out of date data, have failed to demonstrate the flood consequences accurately and the information supplied indicates that the results are not in accordance with Technical Advice Note 15.

We have made our press statement and the NRW letter available to Tesco Estates, owners of the site and Marston’s, the proposed operator of the pub and restaurant.

Two other issues remain unresolved.

  1. Monmouthshire County Council has yet to upload to the application a revised Retail Impact Assessment following the opening of Home Bargains, and

  2. The developer has not indicated to MCC planning office who the operators will be of the two bulk good warehouses. Any operator must be seen not be in direct competition with a similar business in the town

Dixton Roundabout August 2017 update

On 18th August revised plans for this development were uploaded to the MCC planning portal on application number DC/2013/01071.

At the moment Chairman David Cummings is awaiting feedback from members and the plans will be discussed in detail at our Chamber meeting on 18th.

Dixton roundabout development latest March 2016

March 2016. We are aware that the developer’s current planning application has now lapsed. We believe that revised plans will be submitted at sometime in the next few months but do not yet know how many outlets will be included.

Dixton roundabout Latest

1st April 2015. There have been a great many letters of late in opposition to the Dixton Development appearing on the MCC planning portal - DC/2013/01071.

If you are very interested in the development read all letters since 1st March.  Otherwise see;jsessionid=CCC8E94D58BE61E03F32C7A06460AE7A?appNumber=DC%2F2013%2F01071&appType=Planning&action=Search

The Town Council Planning Committee voted unanimously to oppose this development


The Town Council Planning Committee meeting held last Monday voted unanimously to oppose this development, (in its current form).

What happens now to the planning application?

  • The plans could be revised and resubmitted to the Town Council Planning 

  • Continuing dialogue between the developers and Monmouthshire County Council Planning Office.

  • Even if the Town Council refuse a revised plan, it can still be submitted directly to Monmouthshire County Council planning committee.

  • Letters of objection are still being received from government bodies and representatives.

  • The Gateway to Wales objection campaign continues to grow, but..........

We need your help?

  • There is still time to object - If you have not already done so, please write online or email to quoting (DC/2013/01071).

  • Support the Gateway to Wales campaign with your family on Facebook by liking its page.

  • Tell friends and relations how Monmouth community could suffer if approved.

  • Tell us what more we can do to oppose this development and save Monmouth!

Dixton Roundabout Retail Development

January 2015.

Notice of public meeting

Monmouth Town Council will hold a public meeting to discuss this application.  It will take place from 7pm on Monday 9th February in the main school hall at Monmouth Comprehensive School.

Proposed retail development of Tesco owned site by Dixton roundabout see here.

It is proposed that this development will consist of the following:

  • Public house with restaurant facilities.

  • Drive through fast food takeaway.

  • Retail pets store plus vets.

  • Drive through coffee House.

The Chamber and other organisations representing the town have identified a number of issues, which we feel mean that the site should not be developed. These are as follows:

  • Adverse effect on traffic flows at a busy roundabout.

  • Adverse effect on traffic on Dixton Road.

  • Site will only be visited by those using cars.

  • Flood risk.

  • No staff parking on site and lack of parking generally.

  • Proximity of a fast food takeaway to schools.

  • Downgrading of image of town and gateway to Wales.

  • Overdevelopment of site.

  • Adverse effect on local business.