Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce

CCTV Petition Presentation....

Councillor T Christopher

Monmouth Town Council


3rd April 2009


Dear Terry


1.      You will recall that I e mailed you on 10th March to advise that the Chamber of Commerce was to organise a petition as described above. We have now completed this task and the subsequent petition is attached. The results are summarised as follows:

Number of Petitioners: 1344

Exclusions: *307

Total Residents/Workers in Town: 1037

*You will note that I have been harsh in excluding those that do not live/work in Monmouth and have erred on the side of caution.

2.      Notwithstanding the exclusions, this indicates that there are more than one thousand people who reside in Monmouth, a considerable number of the electorate, who would like CCTV reinstated. The Chamber of Commerce would like to remind you of the One Voice Wales statements with regard to the Responsibilities of a Town Council:

"Individual powers include.... crime reduction measures."

This is extracted from the One Voice Wales website which explains the role of community and town councils ( The same OVW statement goes on to explain that: "Community and town councillors represent the people living in their local area at the nearest level to the community." With these responsibilities in mind, we would like to ask the following questions:

Bearing in mind your responsibilities for Crime Reduction, what measures are the Town Council currently considering with regard to alternatives to the MCC CCTV User Group scheme?

Bearing in mind the significant number of people who want to see CCTV reinstated in Monmouth, how does the Town Council's decision to remain outside of the camera partnership represent the views of local people?

3.      We look forward to your response.


Brian Ramsey


Town Council not to fund CCTV....

The Chamber of Commerce is disappointed at the decision by the Town Council not to fund CCTV.

We specifically requested at the Town Council meeting on Monday evening (2nd February) that they consider holding a public meeting in order to gauge public feeling at this present time, before making their final decision.

Whilst the consultation undertaken by the working group was quite extensive, there was little interest in the debate from residents and businesses 6 months ago. This situation has now changed and the Chamber feels that listening to the public and their concerns would have better informed the Town Council of the need for CCTV in the town.