Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Chamber’s concerns over parking availability....

Chamber press statements 4th November

David Cummings, Chairman of Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce commented “In response to last week’s articles in the Beacon, the Chamber very much welcomes the return of the market to the Shire Hall, but shares the grave concerns of residents of the Burgage over the plans that have been passed for the Dixton Road clinic site. Both topics have a car parking issue to them.

Saturdays with reopening of the Shire Hall market are likely to be the busiest day in the week in town from now on. It is important that with the reopening of the market and at least six shops over the next few weeks that we make it easier for shoppers to park. I would strongly be in favour of examining the possibility of using the Comprehensive School bus pull in as a free parking area for shop workers and those who can walk into town, to be used on Saturdays and in school holidays . This would free up the oversubscribed Glendower Street car park and might increase the parking capacity of the town by up to 50 spaces. Insurance may be an issue, but in the case of Haberdashers Monmouth school this issue seems to be have overcome in the past with their Christmas parking initiative on school grounds and the Comprehensive School site is open from the Leisure Centre side, so we can’t see how security could be an issue.

It was with dismay that I learned that the planning application for the Dixton Road Clinic development had been passed by MCC Planning Committee in its present form, despite objections from the Chamber and many others. . The residents of the Burgage are rightly aggrieved that the developer has chosen this narrow route as the permanent access to the site , despite being offered the option of access off Dixton Road by MCC Highways.

The Chamber is also concerned about the lack of parking space for residents of this new development. 20 parking spaces for 20 dwellings (17 are two bedroom ) goes against national guidelines and will no doubt result in even more demand for limited, mostly on street parking, in the area. It is likely that with no lifts in the development that each dwelling will be attractive to the more physically able car owner and that there will be 20 cars or more that cannot park on the site.

We welcome the initiative by MCC to bring more departments into Monmouth at the Shire Hall and elsewhere and the benefit that accrues from this to the businesses of the town. When MCC Planning Office moves into town shortly they will experience first hand the urgent need for more off road parking space, especially at the Shire Hall end of town and this will hopefully provide renewed momentum with proposals that have been on the discussion table since 2001 for up to 90 new spaces.