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Active Travel update January 2018

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Active travel update 25th January 2016

On 22nd January the final Existing Routes Map, the (box-ticking) core of the recent consultation was submitted by MCC.

The next deadline in the implementation of the mapping elements of the Active Travel Act is the submission of the first set of Integrated Network Maps in August 2017. These must set out the proposed future key walking routes networks and key cycle routes networks for the designated settlements. The expected timetable of events is as follows:

  • Full review of Existing Route Maps consultation responses and identification and mapping of any comments that relate to future networks (which is 90%) – February/March 2016

  • Draft network development workshops – April-June 2016

  • Audit of draft network options – July-September 2016

  • Determination of drat networks for consultation – October/November 2016

  • Formal consultation – December 2016-February 2017

  • Finalisation of Integrated Network Maps (which as they will set out the council’s walking & cycling plans for the next 5-15 years will need formal council approval) – March-May 2017

  • Time buffer – June-August 2017

There will be an update on the councils’ active travel website early February, and all interested stakeholders (including everyone who responded to the consultation) will be notified.

Separate from the Active Travel Act work, the Welsh Government is (as every year) inviting bids from councils for funding under the Local Transport Fund grant system. The deadline for LTF 2016/17 grant bids is this 29th January, and one of the MCC bids will be for ‘Active Travel Quick Wins’. Subject to adjustment these may include upgrades on three of the existing routes as proposed by the Chamber and some bicycle parking. The success of the application may be known in March 2016. If MCC receive any funding they will have to deliver the quick wins by 31 March 2017.

Active Travel Wales Act 2013

This Welsh Government act places an obligation on local authorities to take reasonable steps to enhance the provision for walkers and cyclists.

Active Travel journeys are those to or from a workplace or educational establishment to access health, leisure or other services and facilities, but not recreation!

There is a 12 week consultation period that ends on 21st December 2015 and MCC have to submit proposals to the Welsh Government by 22nd January 2016.It is important that you respond to this consultation as a resident of Monmouth , whether you are a cyclist or walker .

The Chamber feels that it is important to support this initiative as the more people are encouraged to walk or cycle around town then the less they may be inclined to bring in their car. Although new car parks are planned, it is likely that they will not become reality until 2016 or 2017.

It is hoped that the Welsh government will part fund a number of probably small improvements to proposed routes, although money has not yet been agreed.

The PowerPoint document to download here shows proposed routes, gives details of a consultants review of how appropriate certain routes are for walkers and for cyclists. Please look at their opinion of these routes and see if it matches your assessment of the route.

(PDF version)

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To respond to the consultation go to and email

If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact Christian Schmidt, Transport, Planning and Policy Officer at MCC on (01633) 644727 or email